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  • Overview

    Natural beauty
    natural opalescence and unsurpassed light transmission
    higher impact strength than ceramic
    permanent chemical bond with all framework materials

    crea.lign veneering composite for permanent veneering of metal, ceramic and polymer substructures. The exceptional material properties adapt elasticity and hardness of crea.lign to the various substructure materials. crea.lign contains only nano particles and no ground glass filler. It consists of 50 % opalescent ceramic filler and a high-strength oligomer matrix. The crea.lign veneering composite is available as a gel and a paste.


    • Natural beauty

      • Natural opalescence
      • Outstanding effect of depth thanks to specific refractive indices
      • Translucency (more options than in ceramics)
      • Design and layer structure according to natural teeth
      Red-white aesthetics in 1 system: Matched crea.lign materials for individualising teeth and gingiva
      Classic range of shades (A-D and Bleach) and additional Enamel/Incisal and GUM materials and a transparent crea.lign Gel (Transpa Clear)


    • Physiology

      • Clearly higher impact strength than ceramic (protects the antagonist by reducing the occlusal force) 
      • Abrasion values comparable to those of natural teeth
      • Simple and fast reconstruction of the gingiva for all implant-prosthetic restorations

      “Unlimited flexibility”



    • Reliability

      • Chemical bonding to all substructure materials
      • Result immediately visible: “What you see is what you get”
      • Shade stability and plaque resistance thanks to excellent polishing properties and minimal water absorption
      • Optimised for implant-prosthetic restorations

      Δ E – tendency to discolouration

    • Intraoral application

      • Approved for oral use: for intraoral application
      • Repair of chipping for all veneering materials
      • Transition areas toward repairs not visible
      “What you see is what you get”: Result is immediately visible and can be adapted
      • Adjustments without loss in quality during try-in
      • Result on the level of supra ceramics

    • Opaque Dentin

      Gel Opaque Dentin

      The crea.lign OD compounds bring chroma and depth effects to composite veneers with reduced wall thicknesses. The chromacity can be easily adjusted in the case of colour variations. Thanks to the compounds’ accurate chroma calibration, we have been able to reduce the number of opaque dentin compounds so that only one compound per colour group is required. The OD A to OD D and OD bleach compounds cover the most common colours in order to achieve brilliance and colour fidelity in very small spaces.


      High Translucent

      Gel High Translucent

      The crea.lign HT compounds are chromatically attenuated dentin compounds with very high translucency. Thanks to the interplay of this chromatic effect and the high translucency of the compounds, they give the tooth body depth and enable a natural transition from dentin to enamel. Hard transitions can be smoothed out perfectly. crea.lign HT is available in the three variants HT1, HT2 and HT3.


      Dentine gel

      Dentine gel

       crea.lign dentine is available in the classic A–D dentine shades and BL3 bleached shade.


      Transpa gel

      Transpa gel

      crea.lign transpa clear is the crystal clear variant of the crea.lign composite with outstanding physical properties and optimal bonding to BioHPP material. Due to its light transmission, crea.lign transpa, in conjunction with the visio.paint stains, enables highly aesthetic translucent characterisation – the perfect composite facing material to meet even the toughest requirements.

      Enamel and incisal gel

      Enamel and incisal gel

      Alongside the crea.lign enamel materials  (E1/E2/E3/E4) crea.lign incisal (opal/blue/pink and universal) can be used for specific accentuation of the insical area, e.g. to create a more youthful looking incisor.

      GUM gel

      GUM gel

       crea.lign GUM (light/rosa/pink/red/lila) are used for customising sections of gingiva, giving the denture a more vibrant appearance.

      Modifier gel

      Modifier gel

      crea.lign modifiers (beige/olive/caramel/umbra and lila) are intensively coloured materials, for example, to accentuate the neck region of a tooth or replicate decalcification stains.


      crea.lign stains

      crea.lign stains

       crea.lign stains (brown/orange) are light-curing intensive materials and are used for colour customisation of composite veneers. crea.lign stains must not be coated; they are used to emphasise, for example, proximal spaces, incisal edges and fissures.

    • Dentine Paste

      Dentine Paste

      The crea.lign dentine paste is the paste variant of the crea.lign composite.
      The crea.lign paste likewise only uses nano-ceramic fillers (does not contain dental glass), features outstanding polishing properties and can be processed without difficulty in combination with all other crea.lign materials.

       crea.lign paste is available in the classic A–D dentine shades and BL3 bleached shade.


      GUM Paste

      GUM Paste

      crea.lign GUM (PL light, PO opaque, bright, orange and brown) are used for customising sections of gingiva, giving the denture a more vibrant appearance.


      Enamel Paste

      Enamel Paste

      Alongside the crea.lign enamel materials  (E1, E2, E3 and E4) can be used for specific accentuation of the insical area, e.g. to create a more youthful looking incisor.

      Transpa opal Paste

      Transpa opal Paste

      crea.lign transpa opal is the crystal clear variant of the crea.lign composite with outstanding physical properties and optimal bonding to BioHPP material. Due to its light transmission, crea.lign transpa, in conjunction with the visio.paint stains, enables highly aesthetic translucent characterisation – the perfect composite facing material to meet even the toughest requirements.


      crea.lign opaker

      crea.lign Opaker

      The light-curing crea.lign opaquer provides shade reliability in the freestyling layer and when using novo.lign veneers. Together with the MKZ Primer, it forms the basis for optimum bonding with metallic and ceramic framework materials and therefore for long-lasting prosthetic restorations without marginal gaps. All shades of the classic A–D system are covered by just eight opaquers. A special zirconium liner and GUM opaquer are also included.


      crea.lign opaker Z

       crea.lign Opaker Z
      (zirconium liner)

      The light-curing zirconium liner is a transparent opaquer. When using zirconium it is essential to apply zirconium liner after applying the appropriate primer (MKZ Primer) to achieve reliable bonding of zirconium oxide and composite.

      The shade of coloured zirconium frameworks “shows” through and no conventional opaker needs to be applied – provided that the framework shade corresponds to the classic A–D shades!


    • Crea.lign Freestyle Set

      “The complete solution for professionals”

      Freestyle layering on PM/NPM, ceramic, zirconia, PMMA, novo.lign veneers and neo.lign denture teeth as well as high-performance polymers, such as BioHPP and CAD/CAM materials, such as visio.CAM. The complete set includes all available shades of the crea.lign opaque, paste, gel and stains as well as visio.paint and the bond.lign primers/bonders


    • red-white aesthetic set

      “All you need for the gingiva”

      Use the crea.lign GUM materials in the visio.lign system to individualise your dentures to achieve high-end aesthetics. Offer your customers this individualisation service and increase the profitability of your laboratory. Use your dentures to improve the reputation of your laboratory.



    • Clearly legible display


      Bre.LUX Spacious Drawer

      Spacious drawer

      The focus in the development was on ease of use and a particularly large capacity. The drawer easily accommodates large-size objects, such as flasks.

      Bre.LUX Full Range Light

      Using the benefits of the entire relevant spectrum of light

      Experience a new level of reliability and speed when polymerizing your objects. The innovative and new LED technology of bre.Lux 2 covers the entire relevant spectrum of light below 400 nm and hence enables a new quality of polymerization. It offers the user more consistent and faster curing since different wavelengths can reach different depths. Increase your reliability and reduce your polymerization times.

      Bre.LUX Rotary Plate

      Rotary plate and Light-Tray

      Convenient, activatable, removable – this rotary plate guarantees that the object is evenly illuminated by the 72 LED lights from all sides. As a transparent tray, the Light-Tray transports light to areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Expose the objects to pure light!

      Outstanding power

      Outstanding power

      72 LED lamps will give you unsurpassed and highly efficient luminous power to prevent shrinkage in a clever way. Moreover, temperature control of 45°C – 55°C eliminates thermal influences such as overheating and embrittlement of the object. Additionally, the fan is extremely silent.

      12 years

      12 years (20,000 hours) at your service

      In a highly efficient manner, the 72 LED lights of bre.Lux 2 transform the power input into light energy and offer a longer service life than halogen lights (max. service life of 2,000 hours).

    • bre.LUX LightPen
      bre.LUX LightPen

      The bre.Lux LightPen is a cordless angled hand light. It has a wavelength spectrum of 385 – 515 nm and can be used for any type of photoactive material. The device is used for rapid curing of composites such as crea. lign and light-curing die varnishes or for fixing veneers with the combo.lign luting composite. The bre.Lux LightPen offers four individually selectable time intervals – 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds. The time interval last selected is automatically used for subsequent polymerisation cycles. The bre.Lux LightPen light guide can be rotated continuously through 360°, thus offering optimum comfort in extraoral use. The breLux LightPen does not replace final polymerisation in a polymerisation device. The bre.Lux LightPen, including adapter, charging cradle and orange glare shield, is available separately or in a set with the bre. Lux PowerUnit 2 light polymerisation device.

      bre.LUX LightPen Set: Angled hand light + Anti-glare shield (orange) + Adapter + Charging cradle (Ref. 14002024)

    • Modern Esthetic Dentistry
      An A to Z Guided Workflow


      Dr Vincenzo Musella
      1st Edition 2017
      Hardcover book, 24 x 28 cm, 456 pages, 1.358 images

      Ref. No: 992990GB English version 9929900D German version 9929900I Italian version

      This atlas synthesizes the latest technologic advances in esthetic dentistry and shows how to successfully integrate them into clinical practice.

      Part I begins with a chapter on dental photography that focuses on the correct settings and use of equipment needed to obtain high-quality images for documentation and communication with patients and the laboratory. Subsequent chapters present the steps involved in the esthetic preview, which provides the opportunity to try out a proposed treatment and make adjustments before undertaking any procedures, increasing patient acceptance and satisfaction.

      Part II presents clinical cases demonstrating the inverse layering technique for direct and indirect restorations, and Part III features clinical cases showcasing both traditional and alternative uses of lithium disilicate, an advanced restorative material with high esthetic potential and good strength. This is an excellent resource for clinicians looking to incorporate the latest techniques for predictable and stable esthetic results.

      Musella Bio

      Dr Vincenzo Musella, DMD, MDT

      Dr Musella has been working as a prosthodontist/dental technologist for an extensive period of time and is particulary dedicated to the fabrication of hghly esthetic dental prostheses. Obtaining a bachelo’s degree in dentistry did not put an end to Dr Musella’s passion for prosthodontics, which he continues to practice, using the newest and most relevant technologies.


    • Dr. Vincenzo Musella

      The consistency of crea.lign allows optimal use of the “Inverse Layering” technique since I am able to spread the various materials very precisely. Both the transitions in the finishing stage and polishing can be completed very easily thanks to the materials compactness and homogeneity,which ensures aesthetic, predictable and durable results.

      Dr. Vincenzo Musella
    • MDT Philipp von der Osten

      The crea.lign Gel GUM veneering material takes the benefits of substructures made of high-performance polymers to the next level. Feeling in the mouth, appearance and durability are a unique combination.

      MDT Philipp von der Osten
    • MDT Christian Dalla Libera

      The perfect interaction of the neo.lign denture teeth and the crea.lign veneering composite enables individual, three-dimensional and dynamic layering in red-white aesthetics – for a lasting and harmonious smile of the patient.

      MDT Christian Dalla Libera
    • DT Andrea Foschi

      In the past, dental technicians were often forced to go down very complicated paths if they wanted to preserve aesthetics and function. To achieve the desired result, they often had to search for alternative materials and deviate from the specified protocols. Thanks to ongoing research, the materials are becoming more and more sophisticated and allow us to achieve excellent aesthetic and, in particular, biofunctional results. Reliable protocols and materials, like those that make up the modern art system, are essential for ensuring an optimal result with minimal effort. The world of dental technology is constantly changing. This is making it easier for us in many aspects and at the same time fascinating.

      DT Andrea Foschi
    • Dr. Vincenzo Musella
    • MDT Philipp von der Osten
    • MDT Christian Dalla Libera
    • DT Andrea Foschi
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  • visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

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    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

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    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

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    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

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    crea.lign Veneering composite brochure

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    crea.lign Red-White Aesthetics

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    crea.lign Range of Paste

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    crea.lign freestyle Manual

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    bre.LUX LightPen

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    breLUX PowerUnit 2

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    crea.lign GUM RED-WHITE Layering instructions

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    crea.lign GUM RED-WHITE Layering instructions

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    crea.lign inverse layering technique

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