• Visio.paint Color Palette

    Natural beauty 
    matched with the visio.lign range of colours
    Simple handling  
    can be combined with all crea.lign materials
    Convenient system 
    all effects with just a few colours

    visio.paint – the convenient and fast way to exceptional individual results with the light-curing visio.paint stains and the crea.lign modifier. Intensify the natural play of colours to achieve high-end aesthetics.


    • Stain Set

      visio.paint Malfarben Set

      The liquid, light-curing visio.paint stains are layered using the cut-back technique or directly applied and coated. Surface staining is recommended only for temporary restorations. The shade effect is retained after coating with composite. All standard PMMA resins and composites can be intensified with the visio.paint stains.

      Available colors:

    • Modifier gel

      Modifier gel

      crea.lign modifiers (beige/oliv/caramel/lila and umbra) are intensively coloured materials, for example, to accentuate the neck region of a tooth or replicate decalcification stains.

      crea.lign stains

      crea.lign stains

       crea.lign stains (brown/orange) are light-curing intensive materials and are used for colour customisation of composite veneers. crea.lign stains must not be coated; they are used to emphasise, for example, proximal spaces, incisal edges and fissures.


  • Visio Lign System
  • visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 000224GB

    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 009504GB

    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 000234GB

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