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  • Neo.lign Teeth

    Natural beauty 
    natural effect of depth thanks to morphological layer structure
    suitable for at least three functional concepts (1:1, 1:2, lingualized)
    ideal for implant prosthetics thanks to the modulus of elasticity and the durability

    neo.lign – the layered denture teeth feature the same shades, designs and materials as the novo.lign veneers. Optimised for uniform aesthetic combined restorations. Each design is based on natural tooth rows – select from the variety nature offers.




    • neo.lign A – 15 anterior shapes

        All available anterior shapes can be seen in “Design chart” brochure

      • 11 upper moulds
      • 4 lower moulds


      Available shades

        Order form is available for download

    • neo.lign P
      G designs – 3 posterior shapes

        All available posterior shapes of G design can be seen in
      Design chart” brochure

      • multi-functional occlusal design for all occlusion concepts


      Available in sizes


      Available shades

        Order form is available for download

      L designs – 3 posterior shapes

        All available posterior shapes of L design can be seen in “Design chart” brochure

      • lingualised occlusal design for full dentures


      Available in sizes


      Available shades

        Order form is available for download

    • A&P sets

      neo.lign A&P sets content

    • Clearly legible display

      Bre.LUX Spacious Drawer

      Spacious drawer

      The focus in the development was on ease of use and a particularly large capacity. The drawer easily accommodates large-size objects, such as flasks.

      Bre.LUX Full Range Light

      Using the benefits of the entire relevant spectrum of light

      Experience a new level of reliability and speed when polymerizing your objects. The innovative and new LED technology of bre.Lux 2 covers the entire relevant spectrum of light below 400 nm and hence enables a new quality of polymerization. It offers the user more consistent and faster curing since different wavelengths can reach different depths. Increase your reliability and reduce your polymerization times.

      Bre.LUX Rotary Plate

      Rotary plate and Light-Tray

      Convenient, activatable, removable – this rotary plate guarantees that the object is evenly illuminated by the 72 LED lights from all sides. As a transparent tray, the Light-Tray transports light to areas that are otherwise inaccessible. Expose the objects to pure light!

      Outstanding power

      Outstanding power

      72 LED lamps will give you unsurpassed and highly efficient luminous power to prevent shrinkage in a clever way. Moreover, temperature control of 45°C – 55°C eliminates thermal influences such as overheating and embrittlement of the object. Additionally, the fan is extremely silent.

      12 years

      12 years (20,000 hours) at your service

      In a highly efficient manner, the 72 LED lights of bre.Lux 2 transform the power input into light energy and offer a longer service life than halogen lights (max. service life of 2,000 hours).

    • bre.LUX LED N2 hand lamp

      Bre.LUX LED N2 Hand Lamp






  • visio.lign The Aesthetic and Functional System brochure

    REF 000224GB

    crea.lign Veneering composite brochure

    REF 000329GB

    visio ling Veneering system

    REF 000468GB

    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 009504GB

  • visio.lign_order_form_EN

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