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  • visio.CAM Milling blank


    Natural beauty 
    opalescence & translucency for a natural effect of depth
    recommended for implant prosthetics and permanent restorations
    full-arch bridges with 2 pontics can also be fabricated

    visio.CAM composite blanks – The benefits of visio.lign for digital processing. As a milled veneer or a monolithic, fully anatomical restoration. Unrivalled mechanical & optical properties.

  • Visio.CAM CAD

    HIPC originates from the development of the visio.lign system and corresponds to novo.lign veneers in chemical terms, with this material being extremely well-suited for a long-term dental prosthesis.

    for a long-term dental prosthesis – HIPC has already been tested in vivo and approved for over 9 years
    • clinically-proven material
    • Safety in use and indications

    • Excellent gingiva compatibility and resistance to discolourations lead to a higher level of patient acceptance.

    universal & economical, removable & fixed, monolithic & can be veneered
    • The most diverse indications can be covered with a single material.
    • Costs can be saved and the system diversity and processing techniques can be minimised in the laboratory.

    high level of strength/long-term stability
    • As a high-performance polymer, HIPC does not lose its strength in comparison with ceramic, ceramic “ages”.
    • Material reliability and long-term stability of breCAM.HIPC leads to fewer complaints and repairs.

    the material is more aesthetic, translucent and opalescent
    • excellent colour effect with minimally invasive forms of restoration
    • Complicated cases with a lack of space can be neatly resolved with HIPC.



  • bre.CAM.HIPC Categories

    These milling blanks are a standard size at Ø 98,5 mm with 10 mm fold.

    Available at 16 mm & 20 mm sizes.

    Available at 20 mm size.

    Available at 20 mm size.

    Available colors for all types of milling blanks


  • visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 000224GB

    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 009504GB

    visio.lign Manual Composite processing techniques

    REF 000234GB

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